BP Mystique 42

We believe that all  roofs should have the best products that we can use.  This is why we recommend BP Mystique 42 shingles with WEATHER-TITE technology on all of  our jobs. 

Mystique 42 is a 42 inch Laminate asphalt shingle made from a fiberglass mat and surfaced with mineral granules.  Mystique 42 shingles are uniquely designed with oversized tabs, and features a dramatic 3-dimentional shadow band to create a sharp, slate look, that are both eye-catching and strikingly elegant.

Designed with WEATHER-TITE technology; a breakthrough, hurricane-resistant protection that features two sealant bands to lock out water and wind driven rain to guarantee your peace of mind.

With a superb palette of 12 vintage colors to choose from and a limited lifetime warranty, they will instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and protect your investment.

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  • High Wind Warranty
  • Water Infiltration Resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 12 Colors to choose from
  • Double-Layer Laminate Shingle